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Are you facing difficulty applying makeup on your extremely dry skin?
Does your makeup look dull,flaky and patchy on your skin ?
Say goodbye to dryness by following these detailed makeup guidelines/tips and tricks and get a pretty supernatural glam look without spending too much time on makeup.

Skin care is a science by itself that requires a lot of time and perseverance to deal with it.
Before we move on to the steps involved in makeup, let’s take a look at the necessary points that dry skin people should keep in mind.

  • Choose all the products according to your skin type.
  • Keep your makeup tools fresh.
  • Use formulas that give a boost to moisturizer levels.
  • Don’t use powder products ( though powder can be used for setting up the concealer in place).
  • Use Products with natural ingredients like almond oil,aloe vera,argon oil, avocado oil, cedarwood oil, hyaluronic acid,cetearyl alcohol, charcoal, cocoa, coconut oil, glycerin, green tea, sodium chloride, jojoba oil, vitamins, lavender oil, olive oil, fruits extracts e.t.c..
  • Avoid using products that has toxic chemicals like sulfates, Parabens , phthalates, petrochemicals, mineral oils , synthetic fragrance, dyes, peg compounds, ethoxylated ingredients e.t.c…
  • Avoid using chemicals on a daily basis as products having natural ingredients in them can work wonders in the long run.
  • Use non-alcoholics products.

Steps involved in makeup:

  • Exfoliate
  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • Moisturize
  • Prime your skin
  • Apply Foundation
  • Enhance eyebrows
  • Eye Makeup
  • Contour, Highlight and Blush
  • Lipstick
  • Set makeup using spray

1.EXFOLIATE (step one)

a). Help to exfoliate dull,dead skin cells from skin’s surface;
b). Increase blood circulation and brings glow;
c). Discourages the growth of facial hair;
d). Encourages growth of new cells.

a). Use scrub or peel off mask to exfoliate;
b). You can also use a mixture of wheat husk or chokker,a few drops of milk and rose water for this purpose. When it is almost dry, rub off the scrub by using circular strokes. Then wash off the face with cold water
( Preferably every night if you apply makeup on a daily basis. Otherwise do it once a week )
c). For lips, apply some vaseline (or lemon juice and salt) and gently massage it using a tooth brush to exfoliate dead skin flakes.

2.CLEANSE ( step two)

a). Removes dirt,impurities and grime by opening up the pores gently without drying out the skin.
b). Helps avoid pimples and blackheads.

a). Use cleansing products available in market. You can also take 2-teaspoon of cold milk, apply it on the face and wipe away with a moist cotton to cleanse your face and neck area.
b). Choose a mild cleanser.

3.USE TONER (step three )

a). Shrink the appearance of pores.
b). Clean away all the residues that have been left by the cleanser .
c). Maintain the natural Ph balance of your skin.
d). Increases the blood supply to skin.
e). Toners tighten the pores reducing the penetration of impurities and help preventing acne,pimples and blackheads.

=> TIPS:
a). Apply it using damp cotton
b). Best way is to splash a lot of cold water on face first and then apply toner.

4.APPLY MOISTURIZER ( step four )

a).Protects,hydrates and lubricates the skin.
b).Prevent flaking and dullness.
c).Acts as an anti-aging agent by preventing wrinkles and fine lines .
d).Brightens and add a healthy glow to skin.

a). Apply using your hands or brush.
b). Don’t just rub the moisturiser on your face; gently pat the it onto your skin and avoid being too harsh as this can cause wrinkles and micro exfoliation of your skin and you will end up having a patchy/ Flaky/ textured makeup finish.
c). Must follow up with a sunscreen formulated with an SPF of 30 or higher.
d). Add few drops of argon oil or glycerin into your cream, mix well and then apply it all over your face for instant and long lasting healthy glow.
It works wonders on my skin and will transform your skin as well ! Must try.

5.USE PRIMER (step five)

a). Reduces the appearance of large pores and fine lines.
b).Even out the skin tone.
c). Creates an extra layer between your skin and makeup.
d).Helps makeup last longer.
e). Smooth out the surface leaving a perfected base for applying foundation.

a). Wait for the moisturizer to get soaked into your skin, then apply primer
b). Apply using brush or washed hands
c). A little bit of primer is fine.
d). You can use aloe vera gel as a primer or any other primer available in the market.

( After primer, applying a colour corrector is truly an optional step. If you have dark spots and uneven skin tone that you can’t hide using foundation alone, then go for correctors and apply concealer over it (a shade similar to your skin tone ) . Then,next step will be applying foundation.
Choose colour corrector according to your undertone.
( see video by carli bybel to know more about color correctors.)


  • Aim is to achieve uniform skin colour without drying out the skin.

a). Even out the skin tone by hiding blemishes and fine lines.
b). Those formulated with SPF provide sun protection.
c). Hydrates, Brightens and corrects the skin.

a). Choose one according to your skin colour, skin type,staying hours and coverage needs (low,medium or high coverage foundations).
b). Choose hydrating and creamy/liquid foundations ( satin or satin matte finish is perfect for normal to dry skin ).
c).Dry skin people can also choose tinted moisturizers and BB creams ( for low to medium coverage ).
d). Don’t choose pressed powder or loose power foundations, cream to powder compact foundations , stick foundations for dry skin.
e). Choose a correct shade ( it is best to test the right shade of your foundation on your jaw line.Just swatch it. If it disappears into your skin, its a true match).
f). You can also mix 2-3 foundations to get the exact colour of your skin ( mixing won’t be harmful ).
g). Choose foundation according to your undertone.
you have warmer undertone= if you have more of a yellow looking skin; cooler undertone = if you have blue or pink looking skin ).
h). Use makeup brush, makeup sponge or silicon blender for applying foundation. (avoid using hands).
i). Mix foundation with a liquid illuminator .It will bring overall radiance and subtle glow to your skin. But this step is truly optional.
j). Set your foundation using setting spray rather than powder if you have dry skin.
k). Apply foundation on your lips as well to prime. It will act as a nice base and will help to bring out the true colour of lip liner as well as lipstick you will be using.
l). You can mix few drops of argon oil in your matte foundation to prevent drying out of your skin.

7.ENHANCE EYEBROWS (step seven)

a). Make eyebrows look precise
b). Improved appearance

a). You can go for waxing,threading, shaving and microblading for precise looking eyebrows.
b). For indian skin tone, brown eyebrow enhancers are the best ( not too dark-not too light ).
c). If you have sparse/ light eyebrow hair, use eyebrow gel mascara for voluminous look.
d). If you have minute spaces/ scars on your eyebrows, use a brow pencil to fill in and comb it through using spoolie for the even looking eyebrows.
e). If you have heavier brows, use brow powder as it gives you just the definition without overpowering.
f). Brow pomade tame unruly brows, adding texture as well as colour to your brows. It can be used by anyone as it ensure that the brow hairs stay in place all day.
g). You can also use pomade crayon that provides long stay colour with the ease of application ( quicker but not good for precise look ).
h). Outline the eyebrow shape first using any of the above mentioned type of product, then fill in. To clean the mess up use concealer for a definite look .


  • Opt for cream formulas for blush, contour and highlight.
  • Always use sponges/beauty blenders for blending contouring creams in tapping motion.
  • You can use concealers, foundations or contouring kit (of creamier texture for dry skin) for contouring and highlighting.
  • The aim is to define, sculpt and enhance the structure of the face. So you must know your face structure.
  • Get the right product- choose one colour that is two shades deeper than your overall colour and another that is two shades lighter.

a).For slimming your face

=>TIPS: (where and how to use darker shade ? )

a). Want forehead to appear smaller ? apply darker shade of concealer/ contouring palette of creamier texture into your hairline and blend seamlessly.
b). Want slim face ? bring down the same dark shade down towards your temples for slimming effect.(visualise a line coming from the top of your ear down to the mouth and that’s the line you would wanna contour,keeping the line thicker towards the ear and thinner towards the mouth).
c). Want to define your jawline? use the same dark shade of your cream contouring palette along the length of your jaw and around the chin
and blend downwards to create a shadow.
d). Want to slim your nose? blend two lines of darker shade contouring cream from the start of your brows down the sides of the bridge of your nose with a small shadow brush and blend.

a). For bringing forward/highlight the areas of your shape

=>TIPS: ( where and how to use lighter shade? )
a). Apply on the areas you want to bring forward like under eyes (create a triangle ), right under your nose,chin, on the centre of the forehead and draw a thin line on the bridge of your nose and blend using tapping motion to avoid moving of contouring cream too much.
b). Don’t make those contouring lines look sharp and harsh on your face. Just blend it using a fresh blending brush at the end of contouring process and once you blended out the contouring lines, set everything using a translucent powder.
c). So basically, once you get to know how to contour and highlight your face, you can customize your face shape by hiding the areas you don’t like through contouring and bringing out the areas you like through highlighting

9.EYE MAKEUP (step nine)

a). Improve appearance of your eyes.

a). Apply makeup according to your eye shape.
b). Choose the right set of brushes ( don’t use sponges for eyeshadow application).
c). Learn the right brush strokes i.e; slow and short in the same direction. Don’t rush or sweep back and forth.
d). Apply hydrating primer/ concealer as a base to make sure that your eyeshadow stays in place.
e). For the most simple look, you need to have at least three shades (light,medium and dark) of :- neutral tones ( browns/ grays ) or shimmery party eyeshadows.
f). Put a light shadow all over from the lash line to the brow bone and blend it all over the eye to make sure that other eyeshadow pop.
g). Then take any dark colored eyeshadow using crease brush and run that along the crease focusing on the outer eye to intensify the eye shape and apply the same crease colour in lower lashline as well.
h). Glittery shadows can be applied well with finger tip at the centre of the lid.
i). Apply eyeliner or dark eyeshadow on the upper lash line and kajal in the lower lash line.
j). Highlight the brow bone and inner corner of your eyes with highlighter or white eyeshadow.
k). Lastly apply mascara to finish off your beautiful eye look.

10.APPLY LIPSTICK (step ten)

a). Start by applying a hydrating lip balm.
b). As mentioned above,Apply foundation on your lips to prime. It will provide a nice base to work with and will help to bring out the true colour of lip liner as well as the lipstick you will be using.
c). Use lip liner to outline lip shape first to avoid having an unsymmetrical looking lips.
d). Try using a natural shade of lip liner as it goes well with any shade of lipstick you want to apply.

11.MAKEUP SETTING SPRAY (step eleven)

a). Make your makeup last longer.
b). Mattify and adds a dewy glow.
c). Moisten the skin.
d). Prevents makeup from smudging, creasing or fading quickly.

Dry skin people should use makeup setting spray instead of compact/face powder for setting up the makeup.
b). Use illuminating makeup setting spray for dewy finish.

Last but not the least, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drink enough water which moisturizes you from within!

Hope you liked the post.

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